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Nose Screws Know-How: Your Questions Answered

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Hello, piercing aficionados and curious newcomers! Today, I’m diving deep into the world of nose screws. Whether you’re considering getting one or just want to know more, you’ve come to the right place.

As a seasoned piercing expert with years of experience both behind the needle and sporting various piercings myself, I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of screw nose rings.

Author Profile: The Expert Behind the Needle

I’m Alex Pierce, your go-to guru for all things piercing. With over a decade of professional piercing experience and a passion for body art, I’ve helped thousands of clients embrace their individuality through piercings.

I’m not only a piercing artist but also a piercing educator, ensuring that every client knows how to care for their new adornment. I write with the intent to inform, entertain, and bring a bit of sparkle to your day.

The Basics of Nose Screws

So, what exactly is a nose stud with screw? It’s a type of jewelry specially designed for nostril piercings, characterized by a short post that ends in a small spiral or ‘screw.’ This design helps keep the stud securely in place.

Why Choose a Nose Screw?

Screw nose studs have gained popularity for several reasons.

Firstly, their unique design can offer a more secure fit than other types of nose jewelry, reducing the risk of your precious stud going AWOL.

Secondly, they come in a myriad of styles to suit your personal flair. And let’s not forget, they can be quite comfortable once you get used to them.

Are Screw Nose Piercings Good?

Absolutely! Nose piercing screw studs are a fantastic choice.

They’re known for their security and can be less intimidating for first-timers. However, the best piercing for you depends on your anatomy and lifestyle.

Do Nose Screws Fall Out?

It’s a common concern, but nose screws are designed to stay put.

The ‘screw’ part of the jewelry acts as an anchor, making it less likely for the piece to slip out compared to straight-stemmed studs.

How to Use a Nose Screw

Using a nose piercing screw is straightforward. You insert the straight part into the piercing, then twist the jewelry until the screw part sits flush against the inside of your nostril.

It might take a little practice, but once you’ve got it, you’re golden.

Nose Screw vs. L-Shaped Nose Stud

An age-old debate: is a screw nose ring or an L-shaped nose stud better? It often comes down to personal preference.

Nose screws offer more security, while L-shaped studs can be easier to insert and remove.

The Pain Factor

Do nose screws hurt? The insertion process can be a tad uncomfortable, but it’s quick.

The pain level during piercing varies, but nostril piercings are generally not considered the most painful.

Caring for Your Nose Screw

Aftercare is crucial. Keep your new piercing clean and avoid unnecessary touching.

Always follow the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer to ensure a smooth healing process.

Hiding Your Nose Screw

Need to make your nose piercing screw stud disappear for a bit? Opt for a clear retainer or a small, flesh-toned stud.

These can be inserted in place of your regular jewelry and are much less noticeable.

Security and Comfort

Which nose piercing is most secure? Nose screws are among the top contenders due to their design.

As for comfort, once healed, most people find them very comfortable for daily wear.

The Verdict on L-Shaped Studs

Are L-shaped nose studs bad? Not at all! They’re just different. Some people prefer them for their ease of use, but they may not be as secure as nose screws.

Do Corkscrew Nose Studs Fall Out?

The corkscrew design is meant to prevent loss, but no piece of jewelry is infallible. Proper fit and occasional checks can ensure your corkscrew nose studs stay put.

Choosing Your Nose Piercing

Which type of nose piercing is best? It’s subjective. Consider your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and comfort when making your decision.

Installation of Nose Screws

Are nose piercings screwed in? Not in the mechanical sense. The term ‘screw’ refers to the shape of the post, not the method of insertion.


Nose screws are a secure, stylish choice for nostril piercings. They might require a bit of practice to insert and remove, but their design offers peace of mind against loss.

Whether you choose a nose screw or another style, proper care and selection will ensure a piercing you can love for years to come.

Common Questions and Answers

Q: Are screw nose piercings good?
Yes, they’re secure and stylish, making them a great option for many.

Q: Do nose screws fall out?
Not easily, thanks to their unique design.

Q: How do you use a nose screw?
Insert and twist until the screw part is flush against the nostril.

Q: Is a screw or L shaped nose stud better?
It depends on personal preference; screws are more secure, L-shaped are easier to use.

Q: What is the most painful nose piercing?
Pain is subjective, but septum piercings are often considered more painful than nostril piercings.

Q: Which nose piercing is most secure?
Nose screws are among the most secure due to their design.

Q: Do nose screws hurt?
Insertion can be uncomfortable, but the pain is usually brief.

Q: How do you hide a nose screw?
Use a clear retainer or flesh-toned stud.

Q: Are L-shaped nose studs bad?
No, they’re just a different option.

Q: Do corkscrew nose studs fall out?
They’re designed not to, but always ensure a proper fit.

Q: Which type of nose piercing is best?
It’s up to individual preference, lifestyle, and comfort.

Q: Are nose piercings screwed in?
No, ‘screw’ refers to the shape of the jewelry, not the insertion method.

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