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Why Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Matters: Avoid Infection and Scarring?

Belly button piercing aftercare

By Anya Petrova,Piercing Expert with 15+ Years of Experience

Congratulations on getting your belly button pierced! Now, it’s time to focus on proper aftercare to ensure a healthy and beautiful piercing. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the healing process.

Cleaning Your Piercing

  • Frequency: Clean your piercing twice a day, morning and night.
  • Solution: Use a sterile saline solution or a piercing aftercare spray.
  • Method: Gently soak a cotton ball or gauze pad in the solution and apply it to the piercing for 5-10 minutes.
  • Avoid: Using harsh soaps, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, as they can irritate the piercing.

Products for Aftercare

  • Saline solution: A sterile solution that helps clean and promote healing.
  • Piercing aftercare spray: A convenient spray that contains saline solution and other ingredients to soothe and protect the piercing.
  • Antibacterial soap: A gentle soap that can be used to wash your hands before handling the piercing.

Tips to Avoid Infection

  • Keep it dry: Avoid submerging the piercing in water for extended periods.
  • Change your clothes: Wear loose, clean clothing to prevent irritation.
  • Avoid touching: Don’t touch or play with the piercing, as this can introduce bacteria.
  • Use clean bedding: Change your bed sheets regularly to prevent the spread of germs.

Dealing with Pain and Swelling

  • Pain: Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can help reduce discomfort.
  • Swelling: Apply a cold compress to the piercing for 15-20 minutes at a time.
  • Avoid: Taking aspirin, as it can thin your blood and increase bleeding.

When to See a Doctor

  • Signs of infection: Redness, swelling, pus, or fever.
  • Piercing rejection: The piercing starts to migrate out of the skin.
  • Allergic reaction: Itching, rash, or hives around the piercing.

Avoiding Scarring

  • Keep it clean: Proper cleaning helps prevent infection, which can lead to scarring.
  • Avoid picking or scratching: This can damage the skin and increase the risk of scarring.
  • Use scar cream: Once the piercing is healed, you can apply a scar cream to help minimize the appearance of any scarring.

Healing Timeline

  • Initial healing: 6-8 weeks
  • Complete healing: Up to 6 months


Belly button piercing aftercare is essential for a healthy and beautiful piercing. By following these tips, you can minimize the risk of infection, pain, and scarring. Remember to be patient and consistent with your aftercare routine, and don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you experience any concerns.


How often should I clean my belly button piercing? Clean your belly button piercing twice a day, in the morning and at night.

What should I use to clean my piercing? Use sterile saline solution or a piercing aftercare spray recommended by your piercer.

How long does it take for a belly button piercing to heal? It can take up to 6 months for a belly button piercing to fully heal.

What are the signs of infection? Signs of infection include redness, swelling, discharge of pus, or fever.

What should I do if I think my piercing is infected? If you suspect your piercing is infected, seek medical attention from a doctor immediately.

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