Essential Insights for Flaunting Fabulous 0 Gauge Earrings

0 gauge earrings

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Today, we’re diving deep into the world of 0 gauge earrings. Whether you’re considering stretching your ears or simply curious about this bold look, I’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know.

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What is a 0 Gauge Earrings?

0 gauge earrings refer to ear jewelry that fits into a lobe stretched to an 8mm diameter. It’s a bold step up from standard earring sizes and a common milestone for stretching enthusiasts.

The Basics of Ear Stretching

Before you jump into stretching to a 0 gauge, it’s crucial to understand the process. Ear stretching should always be gradual to maintain lobe health and integrity. The smallest gauge for ears typically starts at 20g or 18g, which is the standard for most initial piercings.

0 Gauge vs. Other Sizes

So, what size is 0 gauge? At 0 gauge, the thickness of the jewelry is roughly 8mm. It’s a significant increase from the standard earring gauge and requires patience to achieve. And if you’re wondering, “Are 0 or 00 gauges bigger?” the answer is 00 gauges are larger, at 10mm.

The Stretching Journey

Remember, stretching takes time. How thick is 0 gauge? It’s thick enough that you should never rush to this size. Skipping sizes can lead to tears and scar tissue, which nobody wants!

Choosing the Right Jewelry

When selecting 0 gauge earrings, material and quality are paramount. Opt for biocompatible materials like surgical steel, glass, or titanium to avoid irritation.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Once you’ve reached 0 gauge, aftercare is vital. Keep your ears clean and give them time to adjust before attempting further stretching, if that’s your goal. And no, 0 gauge is not the biggest size you can go, but it’s a respectable and noticeable size in the stretching community.

FAQs in the Piercing World

As a piercing expert, I often answer questions like “What is the difference between 2 gauge and 0 gauge?” or “Is 0 gauge and 1 0 the same?” The answers are simple: 2 gauge is smaller at 6mm, and 1 0 doesn’t exist in standard gauge measurements.

Now, for the curious minds, “How many mm is a 0g earring?” It’s 8mm, as we’ve established. And for those pondering “What is the difference between 0 and 00 gauge?” the difference lies in 2mm, with 00 gauge being the larger at 10mm.


In conclusion, 0 gauge earrings are a statement in the world of body modification. They symbolize commitment and dedication to the art of stretching. Always approach stretching with care, and you’ll enjoy your 0 gauge earrings with pride and comfort.

Most Common Questions and Answers

What is a 0 gauge earring?

  • A 0 gauge earring fits into an earlobe stretched to 8mm in diameter.

What size is 0 gauge?

  • 0 gauge refers to a thickness of 8mm.

Are 0 or 00 gauges bigger?

  • 00 gauges are bigger, measuring at 10mm.

What is the smallest gauge for ears?

  • The smallest gauge typically starts at 20g or 18g.

How thick is 0 gauge?

  • 0 gauge is 8mm thick.

What gauge is a normal earring?

  • A normal earring is usually 20g or 18g.

Is 0 gauge the biggest?

  • No, there are larger sizes available beyond 0 gauge.

What is the smallest gauge for piercings?

  • The smallest gauge for piercings is typically 20g or 18g.

What is the difference between 2 gauge and 0 gauge?

  • 2 gauge is 6mm, while 0 gauge is 8mm.

Is 0 gauge and 1 0 the same?

  • 1 0 is not a standard gauge size; 0 gauge is the correct term.

What is the difference between 0 and 00 gauge?

  • 0 gauge is 8mm, while 00 gauge is 10mm.

How many mm is a 0g earring?

  • A 0g earring is 8mm in millimeters.

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